Hi, my name is Zhuoyi Chen. This is not one hundred percent of me, but maybe one “Cantor set” of me. Thank you for stopping by my website.

I love mathematics, Magic, and music. At the same time, I study what I love: I am a math undergraduate student and an amateur performer in card magic; I play the piano and listen to all kinds of music. In mathematics, I love to dive deep in the sea, from both applied mathematics and pure mathematics area. Magic is a completely different field from mathematics, and it gives me a space to appreciate the beauty outside of reality and to share the enjoyment with others. Music is a way to express and store my feelings, as it flows, intrigues, and leaves no scratch marks.

  • For now, I love Analysis and Probability the most in pure mathematics, Optimization in applied mathematics, and PDE lies in between.
  • “At a purely formal level, one could call probability theory the study of measure spaces with total measure one, but that would be like calling number theory the study of strings of digits which terminate.” —— A professional, full-time blogger from UCLA. See here.
  • My favorite card magician is Dani Daortiz.
  • My favorite card routine is Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN), and I think that the most beautiful card routine in recent years is Asi Wind’s ACAAN on Fool Us.
  • One of my favorite pieces of classical music is La Campanella by Franz Liszt.
  • Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy is the real moonlight while Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven is a moonlight riding a roller coaster.
  • One day I finally found the rap song I was looking for, and its name is “Remember the Name“.
  • Chess is a game of moving woods.” —— An adapted saying of a chess player who faced against a legit king’s gambit in 2019.
  • I played hardcore games like Dark Souls III and Sekiro, FPS like Csgo and Apex Legends, and some other games like Dead By Daylight and Clash Royale on mobile.
  • I also love playing some indie games:
    • The Stanley Parable defines a way to be played by a game.
    • The Witness is a game to witness something. It is miraculous for the right person, and I have only recommended it twice.
    • Baba Is You is a programming language for beginners.
    • The completion time for Hollow Knight varies from 30 hours to infinity depending on one’s definition of completion. 
    • Manifold Garden is a game about infinity.
    • Gorogoa is a jigsaw puzzle game across with an extra dimension.
    • Superliminal is an art of perception.

You may ask, why is this website named as unbelievetable.com? It is because my nickname in Chinese has the meaning of the word “table”, and I simply combine the word “unbelievable” and the word “table” together. I read it as “unbelieve-table” (/ˌənbəlēvˈtābəl/).

I created this website for myself and for the nobody who cares about me. Why do I have an English blog while I am Chinese? Well, so that you can understand what you are reading right now. Also, I am not gonna lie, this is a good way to practice putting English characters together.